Precision cutting machine
The CUTLAM® micro 1.1 is the new laboratory micro-cutting machine. It is a simple and economical machine. It is designed for precision cuts on the most sensitive materials.
The CUTLAM® micro 1.1 allows you to include a versatile and robust machine in your laboratory within a reasonable budget. Its speed range and cutting chamber capacity will enable you to use it in many applications with a variety of cutting wheels (diamond, Al2O3, etc.) up to 150 mm diameter.
The work piece is held by a vice-holding arm. The knob, located outside the cutting chamber, allows a micrometric movement of the Z-axis.
A whole sample holder range is available, for clamping pieces and materials of any kind.
The cutting feed is controlled with the sliding weight system, allowing you to fine tune the load applied to the piece. This system is particularly suitable for delicate and slow cuts.
Equipped with an independent filter / decanting / recirculation tank, you can easily make slow cuts in optimum conditions of cooling.
Based on a robust aluminum frame clad in a painted metal body, the CUTLAM® micro 1.1 is stable and vibration free. The hinged transparent hood avoids any spraying outside the machine and allows easy access for clamping vices on the arm. The cover is fitted with a safety device which stops immediately the cutting wheel motor in case of opening.
CUTLAM micro 1.1 Specifications
Art.-no. 66050354
Type Precision cutting machine
Disc diameter 75 – 150 mm
Inside diameter 12,7 mm
Standard flanges diameter 50 mm
Rotating speed variable 50 – 1500 rpm
Vertical mouvment manual
Protection Transparent hood with opening security sensor
Input 0.18 kW
Standard voltage 230 V – 50 Hz, single phase
Lateral arm displacement Stroke 25 mm (accuracy 0,02 mm)
Cooling system Recirculation system, 10 l, 800 l / min pump driven by the machine
Preload weight 1 x 200 g
Dimensions W x D x H 390 x 390 x 340 mm
Weight 25 kg
Subject to technical changes!