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Automatic polishing machine with central and individual pressure and oscillating head (opitonal)

The MASTERLAM® 3.0 is a 1-spindle grinding and polishing machine suitable for all types of sample preparation. The machine is intended for use by support discs with a diameter of 250 – 300 mm. The rotating speed from 20 – 650 rpm is adjustable (clockwise / counterclockwise). The machine works with pneumatic central pressure (5 – 400 N) or individual pressure (5 – 100 N).
This machine has all the functions that make the MASTERLAM® range outstanding and, on this model, a specific “combo” head. The MASTERLAM® 3.0 is the metallographic polishing machine without concession. Polishing can be carried out with central pressure or individual pressure and with oscillation.
The MASTERLAM® 3.0 is based on the same technology as the MASTERLAM® 1.0 with, in this configuration, a powerful central and individual pressure head equipped with 6 pistons. Changing sample holders is quick and the pressure mode is controlled directly on the screen without having to touch the head, thus, you can switch from one pressure mode to another in a few seconds.
A LED light is used for an optimal illumination of the working area.
About the easy to use touch screen all settings of the disc and the head are controlled as well as the spray intervals of the connected dosing system “DISTRILAM”. The control has 60 memory locations for individual preperation programs and a USB and ethernet port for charging and storing data.
With the slewing and removable water valve the working disc is flushed equally during operation. The water flow is manually controlled using the rotary knob. A magnetic valve automatically stops the water supply when the machine is switched off. With the extendable water hose, the basin can easily be flushed and cleaned.
MASTERLAM 3.0 Specifications
Art.-no. 66058101
Type 1-spindle grinding and polishing machine with single pressure and central pressure and oscillating head (optional)
Disc diameter 250 – 300 mm
Rotating speed 20 – 650 rpm
Rotating direction clockwise/counterclockwise adjustable
Input 1.1 kW
Standard voltage 230 V – 50 Hz
Water supply automatic water stop, removable basin
Housing steel, powder-coated, color RAL 9003
Dimensions W x D x H 550 x 670 x 580 mm
Weight 85 kg
Automatic head with central pressure variable speed 10 – 150 rpm