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Manual grinding and polishing machine, for discs with a diameter of 200 – 300 mm

The SMARTLAM® 2.0 is a 1-spindle grinding and polishing machine suitable for all types of sample preparation which cannot be performed automatically. The machine is intended for use by support discs with a diameter of 200 – 300 mm.
The solid and durable design with aluminum frame with painted metal housing and a powerful electric motor (0.75 kW) allows a maximum stress and ensures a high quiet running of the machine.
The machine has an internal storage to manage up to 250 preparation programs, as well as a USB port to save and load data preparation.
About the easy to use touch screen the rotating speed (clockwise / counterclockwise) can be adjusted continuously. The variable speed control (20 – 650 rpm) with a constant rotational force can be adjusted during operation.
With the slewing and removable water valve the working disc is flushed equally during operation. The water flow is manually controlled using the rotary knob. A magnetic valve automatically stops the water supply when the machine is switched off.
To clean the basin the splash guard ring and the working disk are easy to remove (no tools required). With the extendable water hose, the basin can easily be flushed and cleaned.
For semi-automatic processing of metallographic samples SMARTLAM® 2.0 can be equipped with a head with manually adjustable pressure “SPRINGLAM”. The head works with a central pressure and a specimen holder for 6 samples with max. diameter of 40 mm. About a corresponding timer function, the grinding and polishing times can be set.
SMARTLAM 2.0 Specifications
Art.-no. 66054141
Type manual grinding and polishing machine, 1-spindle
Disk diameter 200 – 300 mm
Rotating speed 20 – 650 rpm
Rotating direction clockwise/counterclockwise adjustable
Input 0.75 kW
Standard voltage 230 V – 50 Hz
Water supply manually adjustable, removable valve, magnetic protection valve
Frame aluminium
Housing metal, color RAL 9003
Dimensions W x D x H 450 x 350 x 600 mm
Weight 30 kg